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  • John Flaig is a Brooklyn, New York native currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His pioneering work in aerial photography examines the intersection between humanity and nature, and seeks to rekindle a sense of awe and wonder by capturing familiar landscapes from previously unseen vantages.

    His work has been exhibited in galleries around the country and has garnered press from both local and national media, including National Geographic and National Public Radio.

    In 2015 John won the Best Photograph category for the second year in a row in the Global Space Balloon Challenge, an international competition founded in 2014 and sponsored by Stanford University, M.I.T, and the University of Michigan. The 2015 GSBC featured 125 teams from 27 countries.

    John was also the recipient of a National Geographic Expeditions grant, working on a year long project to help track ivory poachers in central Africa using hidden GPS devices implanted in fake elephant tusks; a September 2015 National Geographic cover story, and Explorer documentary.