There are few places left from which truly new perspectives of the world can be found; reaching them can require unconventional means. Recently, advances in consumer technology have made it practical to experiment with a completely new platform for aerial photography: unmanned high altitude balloons (HAB), more commonly known as weather balloons.

There are many platforms for aerial photography: kites, hot air balloons, paragliders, helicopters, drones, jets, and spy planes. HABs stand out in a unique way: on the way up, a balloon visits the altitudes home to all of these platforms, then surpasses them, arriving at views of the planet that bridge the gap between conventional aerial photography and satellite imagery. The process is a novel combination of art, science, and adventure. The outcomes are a result of both careful planning and chance.

The pioneering efforts to further explore and develop this platform are ongoing. Few take it up due to the technical and artistic challenges, as well as the risk of lost or damaged equipment. HAB photography represents one of the last opportunities to explore a place from which new views of the world are still possible. The potential subject matter waiting to be documented for the first time from this singular vantage is nearly unlimited.